Roaring River Press Welcomes Gramercy Park Jewelers

How lucky are we, to have one of Rochester Hills’ most LeStage Braceletrespected jewelers as a client? When Alicia and Ken Heimann of Gramercy Park Jewelers consulted with us about creating a new website, it challenged us to step up our visual design skills, and immerse ourselves on this sparkling segment of the fashion industry.

We worked with dozens of jewelry vendors to obtain and choose from hundreds of images and then formatted them for web use.  Alicia, our point person at Gramercy, had a vision and was very involved in the design process for the new website.

Gramercy Park Jewelers

Gramercy offers everything from Troll and Chamilia beads to Kattan’s colored diamonds; LeStage charms and convertible bracelets, Omni interchangeable clasps, pendants and chains to traditional and contemporary bridal sets. Thankfully, Elyse understood what would appeal to the younger demographic group that Alicia and Ken felt they weren’t reaching. I understood the – eh, let’s say – more mature audience.

As you can see from the partnership I’ve described above, we don’t just offer technical assistance to our clients. We strive to understand the mission of your business and join your team. Thank you so much, Alicia and Ken, for allowing Roaring River Press to be a part of Gramercy Park Jewelers.

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