Enhanced Website and Service

Linda Lazar CuratoloFor the first post of our new blog, “Moving Forward,” we’re celebrating the move to our newly designed website. If you’re visiting Roaring River Press for the first time, you may not realize we’ve been semi-homeless during renovations.

It’s like the old adage about the carpenter who puts off renovations on the front step of his own home while working on everyone else’s. We at Roaring River Press were guilty of neglecting our front step—our website. After all, we built our original website almost three years ago, and as anyone in the technology industry knows, three years is a lifetime.

But great customers deserve excellent service at all times, and it was painful to put aside your goals to focus on what needed to be done here at home. (Hey, that’s what weekends are for, right?)

roaring decal web

We tell the world, “Roaring River Press is moving you forward in web and print.” Today, we move forward, too, and introduce our newly designed face to the public: RoaringRiverPress.com.

Thank you for waiting! We hope you come back often.

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