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“Victor Curatolo’s biography, as told by Linda Lazar Curatolo, his daughter-in-law, begins with his origins in a large family of immigrant Sicilians to Detroit in the twenties and follows his struggle through a life of hard work, inspiration, and ultimate success, both professional and personal. Linda skillfully blends facts, family records, family narratives, anecdotes and interviews with friends and associates in telling his story. A Life Fulfilled offers sentiment and nostalgia for Victor’s family, confirmation of his many fine personal qualities for his friends, and knowledge of his great leadership role in the rapid growth of radiology for his acquaintances. This compelling account of how one man lived the American dream is a good read for all.” (Review of A Life Fulfilled)

-Betty Lou Morris

“Rarely does a person become so closely linked with a town that it is impossible to say the name of one without immediately thinking of the other. Such is the case with Gabe Anton and Mount Clemens. For those who know Gabe, through this book you will come to know him better. For those who don’t, it will provide an inspiring story about the power of vision, values, passion and generosity, and proof positive that one person can make an enormous difference. Donald Trump told us about the Art of the Deal. Gabe now teaches us about the Heart of the Deal.” (Review of Gabe, Journey of a Shoemaker’s Son)

-Dr. Al Lorenzo

“What a godsend Linda has been; so good at what she does. As we went through the process, I was amazed at her recall of details, and how she was able to make sense out of my ramblings during our interviews. I would get emotional about certain subjects, and when she did the first transcripts from our recordings I’d read them and say, ‘I can’t make sense out of these,’ but she did.” (Acknowledgment of Gabe, Journey of a Shoemaker’s Son)

-Gabe Anton

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