Kick Your Post Into High Gear

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing a blogger would just get to the point? Me, too. So when I saw the YouTube video below I got super excited about offering a new level of service: “Video Posts.”

One of my writing techniques for user-friendly content, is to read aloud what I’ve just written. It helps me catch errors as well as streamline the information. While I totally support traditional written posts, with companion graphics and videos to enhance content, it makes sense to inject even more of our clients into what they are sharing.

Roaring River Press and we can do everything from researching and selecting topics, writing and editing a script/post, and uploading a video you create. If you’d rather we provide a spokesperson and video your post for you, we can do that, too. (Watch for a video post from us soon.)

Watch the video and then contact me to find out more:

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