Introducing TWO New Members of RRP!

burgherheadshot (1)

Laura Burgher works with us from the verdant state of Washington where she is a Master of Fine Arts – Creative Writing & Poetics candidate at the University of Washington. She has assisted others in writing and editing for several years, and is currently a peer consultant and student teaching assistant at the university. Laura has been the recipient of several awards for her own writing, and created an absorbing photo/ travel blog about her European adventure. The photos are wonderful, but her words really draw you into the experience. Check it out at In The Footsteps of The Trickster.

Barb Driver Head ShotBarbara Driver, Biographer Assistant. Barb and Linda Lazar Curatolo worked together for many years as a grant writing team for the nonprofit sector. Barb’s attention to detail and her knowledge of finance, coupled with her natural writing and editing abilities, made the team quite successful. Barb has a Bachelor of Accountancy from Walsh College and a Master of Arts, Business Management, from Central Michigan University. She is a finance professional with over 20 years of experience in accounting and financial management in the automotive, homebuilding, and training and development industries. Barb is the quintessential team player, with a willingness to take on any challenge. She is invaluable to our company for her project management skills, including coordination of tasks, quality control of content, and a focus on meeting deadlines.

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