Digital Presence Management (DPM)

Local search starts with local listings. We build, fix and maintain citations and local pages so youLocal Directories image, google, yahoo and bing don’t have to. Optimizing social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages, your profiles on Google, Bing and Yahoo and taking full advantage of Data Aggregators and more is essential today if you want your customers to find you on the web.

Part of the challenge for Main Street merchants has to do with fragmentation, and the fact that consumers are looking for local information on hundreds of sites and mobile apps, including Google, Bing, Yelp, and Facebook. Without a clear understanding of what steps they should take to improve their local search results across the web, many merchants remain frozen in time.”STREET FIGHT, Inside the Business for Hyperlocal

While other DPM services charge up to $1000 just to fill in some directory listings (not including Google, Yahoo and Bing) we accommodate your budget and your DPM needs with a comprehensive menu covering everything from social media pages and Search Engine profiles, to the Top 50 listings and essential Data Aggregators, with no monthly fees.

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You wanted to stand out, so you blogged regularly, posted on Facebook, and even filled in your business profile on Google. You were rewarded with a respectable ranking on search engine pages … and then the rules changed.

Paid advertisers and SEO services are gobbling up all the space on search pages. Some services offer to fill in your information on dozens of directories for a hefty price tag, and once they set up your login credentials they keep ownership of them so you become dependent on them and YOU CAN’T ACCESS YOUR OWN ACCOUNTS!

Allow Roaring River Press to Move You Forward with Digital Presence Management, and not only will you get your user names and passwords, you’ll be treated with respect.