HeartWood, an Exemplary  Blog About Creativity

HeartWood, an Exemplary Blog About Creativity

Facebook is my lifeline to family members across the miles, but in my professional life it is also the corridor I travel as I network with former coworkers and other peers that I value. Nan Sanders Pokerwinski is one such person.

Nan literally took to the woods some years back and recently resurfaced on my radar when a Facebook post announced her new blog, HeartWood. As she is a former journalist once nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, I knew that whatever Nan was writing, it was going to be good. I read it and it’s better than good.

If I were to point to an exemplary blog, illustrating the art of the long form post, this would be it. First and foremost, the content is interesting, valuable and well-written. Few bloggers  write at this level, but we should all aspire to at least offer our readers original content that adds something to the conversation, right? Not to mention the boost you’ll gain in Search Engine ranking on Google and the like.

Nan provides pertinent links and plenty of graphics. In addition, the length of the  post is commensurate with her subject matter. A blog by the Wall Street Journal on Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton might go on a lot longer, while a tip on getting mustard off your shirt would be mercifully shorter. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

Nan Sanders Pokerwinski

Add Heartwood to your subscriptions. It will be a lovely, amusing, and worthwhile read, I promise you. Nan has two posts up so far and I find myself eagerly watching for the email announcing a new post is out. When is the last time you followed a blog with that kind of passion? So, Nan, glad to ‘see’ you again, and best wishes on the launch of your new creative venture.

Follow HeartWood now: http://www.nanpokerwinski.com/blog/

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